Answers to our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral from my doctor for Counselling Therapy?

We encourage you to check with your doctor before trying new counselling sessions, especially if you it is your first time seeking counselling.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We do accept several payment methods for our services. Cash and arranged payment included.

Do you offer In-Person sessions?

Yes, our services include online and in-person sessions. You can book both services on our website.

Can I Drop In?

We encourage you to book an appointment for efficiency of service.

We would do our best to work with you.

Where are you Located?

We are located in Burnaby, BC

What is the Best Way to Reach You?

We can be reached by e-mail, phone or regular mail.

Can I Bring Someone to my Counselling Sessions?

We practice 100% confidentiality. Bringing a third party that is not involved directly in your care or counselling session goes against out commitment.

Are You Open to Private Booking?

You can book an appointment with us for private sessions on our website.

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