Welcome to U-Matter

The most important step in healing is to make the first step. Looking for help is the best thing you can give to yourself in a process of searching for solutions for your difficulties. You are not determined by what is going on in your life at this moment but your life can change if you […]

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Benefits of Therapy

Benefits of addressing trauma and healing  What it is and why we need therapy?  Thinking about therapy, but not sure if it’s the right thing for you? You’ve heard something about it, but you actually feel like you don’t have enough information and you wonder, “Is my problem really that big”? Maybe someone recommended the

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Group Session

Benefits of group therapy Group therapy, as well as individual, helps people to improve their ways of dealing with problems, but the person, in addition to the therapist, meets a group of people. Group therapy can be very effective, especially in certain situations. Research has shown that group therapy can be an effective treatment choice

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